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Re: Four Wheel Drive SUV popularity

I have seen this phenomenon evolve over the last few years, and
initially it was sparked (at least partly) by a desire to have a more
reliable vehicle for travel in snow/ice.  Now it has gone way beyond
that, in my opinion, because of the success of marketers in making SUVs
an "in" posession to have.

This too will pass.  But in the mean time, as you so accurately point
out, SUVs are a very wasteful means of transportation.  

A partial solution, which I have been preaching for years, would be to
price gasoline to truely reflect the costs to our society.  I believe
gasoline prices of $2 to $4 dollars per gallon would do a lot to reduce
the popularity and miles of use of these vehicles.

> Ever since going thru the 1972 fuel shortage I have been a proponent
> of using less. And so have a lot of other people. Something has
> happened to change this. Today the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is
> extremely popular. Since most are four wheel drive and heavy, they use
> more fuel.  I read somewhere that the national Miles/Gallon usage
> increased by 18% due to the popularity of the SUV. What is driving
> this? From what I gather many are buying them because they feel more
> secure driving that type of vehicle. The other day I saw a Ford
> Explorer lightly hit by a school bus. The SUV rolled over on it's
> roof. They are much more top heavy than sedans.  Last year I saw a
> number of SUVs in the ditch due to icy conditions. The sedans drove
> slower or stayed home. Here in Eastern North Carolina, there are no hills,
> little or no snow, and I have'nt seen a dirt road in years, yet SUVs are all over.
> I would love to have one but cannot justify the need where I live. In
> western PA or similar snow belt place they would be great. Must this waste
> continue? Any thoughts on how to push the cost/benefit thing?
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