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Re: Four Wheel Drive SUV Popularity

Well I held back as long as I could.  I have succumb to the temptation to add
my two cents.  I must state, for the record, that these are my comments and do
not necessarily reflect the views of Ohio EPA.

I agree to a lot of the comments made on the subject, and insert my own
commentary here.   I have been on the receiving end on many occasion of one
of those sports vehicles, 4 X 4, or pick-up trucks that splashed slush, salt, mud,
etc. on my innocent vehicle, obscuring my vision- adding insult to injury, during
one of Ohio's noted snow storms.   Based on my observations, it would appear
that they drive at least 10 mph faster than the typical automobile.  I believe
there are studies out there that suggest that the driver's perception of speed in
such vehicles or trucks is different than a person's perception driving a
standard automobile.   I may also note significant irritation in driving in back of
said vehicles (especially in heavy, slow moving traffic) by virtue of my inability
to see traffic ahead of me.   I must admit, I am starting to become somewhat
accurate in identifying these vehicles, at a distance, from my rear view mirror,
by noting the rapid rate of speed and intense light reflecting off of my mirror.  I
think I also have noticed some inpatients and cutting in and out of lanes.  Now
that I've gotten this off my chest (personal feelings aside), I wonder if raising the
price of gas will help.   I think what may happen is, initially, pressure will be
created on the auto industry to produce another generation of "efficiency"
vehicles - small size, fewer parts, lighter, better gas/fuel use, safer to drive, user
friendly, ergonomic, computer intelligent, etc.  But after this phase, a justification
will be found for manufacturing larger vehicles that incorporate these desirable
features under the guise that they are not like their inefficient, gas-hungry
predecessors.   I think there is a definite psychological component to this
madness.  Should P2 incorporate psychological, advertisement, or marketing
components?   Having said, this I'm wondering what new part I am going to get
for my new sports car (8 cylinder).
Thanks for your understanding
Art Coleman