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SUVs etc.

Please note that my original suggestion was that we increase gasoline taxes
over a period of time with clear predictability to the consumer.  My
suggestion was $.10 per year for 30 years, with some rebates to those poor
who must currently drive for employment, but phasing out at some time, and a
direction of the revenues toward mass transit subsidy, subsidy of return to
the urban environment, etc.  It could also include some reduction of other
taxes, etc.

No sudden changes, just a predictable, long term shift from cheap fuel to
expensive fuel for the presently typical one per car commute and the trend
to lower fuel efficiency in SUVs.

BTW, a problem with the SUVs is that the higher center of gravity makes them
less safe in some conditions, including cross winds, swerves, etc.  My
family was involved in a wreck when forced to the shoulder while passing
another car that decided to pass at the same time.  When returning to the
highway (at a higher speed than I would have liked, but due to a sign post
and bridge abutment, I lost control of the Suburban and rolled it, over the
side, then end over end down a 14 foot embankment.  Yes, the larger car
probably saved my life but a smaller one might not have rolled and gone off
the road a second time at all.  I sustained a broken neck, nerve damage,
etc., my wife several severe breaks of bones, and my kids a severe emotional
trauma from thinking we were dead.  Eventually, I lost my job (replacement
CEO changed the marketing and killed the business).  All for a higher,
heavier, larger capacity vehicle?


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