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Taking children to school

On my many trips to the US I have seen the numerous big yellow school
buses taking children to and from school.  Here in the UK it is a
different story, and one that lends itself to P2 quite well.

I don't know how it happened, but we seem to have become a nation of
people who take their children to school by car.  It is not an uncommon
sight to see the roads outside schools lined with cars and this has now
caused an additional frustration with the increased traffic creating
delays to our journeys at each end of the day. 

Somehow or other we need a kind of mass education of parents to
encourage them to car share or to get children to ride their bikes like
we used to years ago.  

I'd be interested to know how extensive this problem is, and what others
may have done to prevent it.

Duncan Philips
e-mail to: Duncan@genesis2.demon.co.uk