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Tire Recycling

This message forwarded at the request of a colleague; please respond directly 
to the senders, not to the list:

We are looking for information about options for tire disposal. In particular, 
are there financial or technical studies examining 1) the capital and market 
(both supply and demand) needs to make a tire recycling operation feasible,  
and  2) technical information comparing the environmental and performance 
aspects of various tire recycling approaches (e.g. tires as fuel, tires as road 
material, etc.) Tire disposal is a growing problem in the Pacific Islands, and 
they are interested in how certain approaches (as material for athletic tracks 
or road materials) might work in the tropics (i.e. fire hazard?)

Any information would be appreciated, especially contact names.

Please respond to 

Beth Godfrey
Solid Waste Section - EPA Region 9


Ramon Mendoza
Pacific Islands Program - EPA Region 9