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Re: Four Wheel Drive SUV Popula

Rudy and the rest of the list,

As Bill Wilson pointed out, "light duty trucks" are not subject to 
Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.  If a car manufacturer 
sells lots of low fuel economy "cars" (gas guzzlers--low mpg or km/liter 
for our friends abroad), the company either has to balance those sales 
with high fuel economy cars (gas sippers) to achieve a certain average or 
it has to pay a gas guzzler tax (I don't know the required average mpg 
nor the details of the tax).  However, sales of "light duty trucks" don't 
fall under this regulatory scheme.

Also, with regards to emissions standards, the 1990 Clean Air Act 
Amendments (Title II) allow higher emissions (grams/mile) of VOCs, NOx, 
and CO for vehicles over 3,750 lbs. than those under (whether cars or 
light trucks).  Still looser tailpipe standards apply to "light duty" 
trucks over 5,750 lbs.  (I think the NOx standard is weaker for diesels, 
though SUVs are generally gasoline powered, right?  I don't know about 
particulate emissions standards.)

I hope this is helpful.

Rod Sobin