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Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership

Michigan has a new voluntary pollution prevention recognition program.  The Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership, or MBP3, is a new voluntary, business-focused P2 program that emphasizes measurable results.  It promotes source reduction, waste minimization and technology transfer.  The Partnership is unique in that it was business-initiated, and is now managed by a project team comprised of government, business and business associations.   Governor John Engler introduced the program during last year's Pollution prevention week saying, "This allow businesses to apply creative and cost-effective techniques to reduce waste and prevent releases of hazardous substances."   Business who volunteer to take part in the program and commit to a P2 agenda will be acknowledge for their P2 efforts through Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Assistance Division's Pollution Prevention Annual Report to the Legislation.  Participating businesses will also r!
eceive a certificate of recognition signed by Governor Engler and DEQ Director, Russell Harding.

Look to our website for details about this important P2 program:  http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/mbp3/
This site includes a summary of the program and allows you to down load registration forms, a more detail description of the program and examples of P2 policies.  Every business in Michigan is invited to participate in the program.

For more information contact Elise (Lisa) Harrington, EAD, P2, at 517-373-6565 or harringe@deq.state.mi.us

Wendy Fitzner					Phone:  517 373 8798
Pollution Prevention Section			fax:	517-339-4729
Environmental Assistance Division		email:  fitznerw@deq.state.mi.us
Department of Environmental Quality		 USPS:  333 S. Capital
State of Michigan					P.O. Box 30457
							Lansing, MI 48909