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Videos from maine have all been sent

I posted the following message on the 24th of February in response to an   
inquiry from Chad Cliburn.
I received about 16 responses fro the video list, and I have sent out the   
video list to all that requested one, near as I can tell.
If you requested a list and have not received one by now then please call   
me so I can send it to you.
Anybody else want a list?  Let me know.  See information at the end of   
this message.

From:  Moulton, Peter T.
Sent:  Monday, February 24, 1997 2:19 PM
To:  Chad Cliburn; 'P2Tech'; Moulton, Peter T.
Subject:  RE: Searching for videos

I have a table of about 32 videos that we have acquired in our P2   
Library.  They range from product promotions, to videotapes of   
teleconferences, to explanations of regulations.
The table gives the following:
  Company or publisher that produced the video.
  Title of video
  Date of publication
  Length of video
  Description of its content
  "Reviews" 1 - 3 sentences long, by yours truly and others.

Give me an address and I will mail it (3 pages) to all who request it.   
 It is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet so it does not travel over the   
internet well.  However, anybody who wants to learn to FTP files is   
welcome to try it with me.  I have successfully put stuff out for other   
people to grab, and today a file was sent into me successfully.   
 Therefore, we should be able to transfer the file if you cannot wait for   
the paper copy.

Hope this helps,
Peter T. Moulton
Office of Innovation and Assistance
State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection
State House Station #17
Augusta, ME  04333
tel. 207-287-8161   Fax. 207-287-2814
case (upper or lower) does not matter on email address