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Non-Toxic Purchasing

Dear Doug,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding less-toxic purchasing.  Although I am
interested in (a),(b), and (c) below, my main focus is on (d): the
procurement of "green" cleaning supplies.  I know that you are in the pilot
testing phase, however, what I want to know is how you plan to selected and
evaluated these products.  Have you targeted certain toxic chemicals for
reduction or used some other environmental indicator?

a) our environmental indicators report, Environment 1997
b) our Executive Order calling for, among other things...(c) and (d) below
c) our comprehensive environmental assessment of Agency Operations and the
P2 & RC Plan
d) our purchasing initiative for "green" cleaning supplies (we're in the
pilot-testing phase)

Any information you can send me on the above topics would be greatly
appreciated.  I'll give you a follow up call in a few days to talk more
about the program.


Rob Guillemin
(617) 367-8558 ext. 309
Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association
129 Portland Street, Suite 601
Boston, MA  02114-2014
617-367-8558 (tel)
617-367-0449 (fax)