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Re: compliance checklist for auto body shops

     I would check with your state Environmental Regulatory people.  
     Our state regulators (SC) have specific checklists for 
     compliance. ( we request info. through the Freedom of Information 
     Act)  I know that Florida DEP have checklists taylored for the 
     industries they regulate.  You could ask for the RCRA checklist 
     if it applys, the stormwater reg. compl. checklist etc.  I have 
     ordered them from Business and Legal Reports, Inc.  You may even 
     want to check with any pertinent Associations with which the 
     autobody shops may be members.
     One of the big car companies may have put together such a 
     checklist.  Possible Hertz or someone like that.  Just some 
     Good Luck,
     Helen Jervey
     Rust Environment & Infrastructure
     2694 Lake Park Dr.
     North Charleston, S.C.  29406
     (803) 572-5600

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Subject: compliance checklist for auto body shops
Author:  <p2tech@great-lakes.net> at internet
Date:    4/2/97 11:19 AM

Does any one know where I could get a compliance checklist for autobody 
repair shops in NY for us to use to screen companies doing repair  
on our truck fleet.
Judy Jakobsen
Suffolk County Water Authority
Pollution Prevention Program
fax 516-277-4097