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Aluminum Cleaning

    From: R. Illig
    E-mail: illig.richard@a1.dep.state.pa.us
    One & All,
    I posted this inquiry a few weeks ago and thought I'd try again as 
    only one response was received.  I have also checked the P2tech 
    archives, as well as other sites, and must be looking in the wrong 
    Vinegar (acetic acid) is reported in some P2 literature to be a 
    suitable replacement for using oxalic acid in the cleaning of 
    aluminum.  A quick look at chemical literature seems to indicate 
    that acetic acid is indeed a "less toxic" material and may be more 
    "user friendly".  However, acetic acid is also listed as a VOC 
    whereas oxalic acid does not appear to be either a VOC or a HAP.
    1) Is the trade-off a move to "user friendly" at the cost of the 
    VOC environmental impact?
    2) Is anyone aware of a facility that has considered, or made, 
    this substitution, and the basis for their decision?  Were they 
    happy with the results if they did switch?
    Any info on this topic would be appreciated.  I will continue to 
    search the web.  Thanks,