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(Fwd) painting problems

Dear P2techs,
The following request was sent to me to forward to p2tech.   We 
discussed pressure reduction for the electrostatic wrap around 
problem.  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  You may post 
replies to Jean Waters directly or to p2tech and I will forward.
Thanks in advance,
sherry davis

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:          "JEAN WATERS" <jwaters@oz.oznet.ksu.edu>
Organization:  K-State Research and Extension
To:            sdavis@oz.oznet.ksu.edu
Date:          Thu, 24 Apr 1997 10:45:18 -0600
Subject:       painting problems
Reply-to:      jeansw@ksu.edu
Priority:      normal

	Could you please help me find answers to the following painting 

1) Filter disposal. 
	Two companies I visited recently soak their paint filters in water 
and put them in a plastic bag before sending them to the landfill.  
They claim there's no way to get the filters dry before disposal.  
They have had fires in the dumpster when the filters are not soaked 
in water. One company uses primarily xylene as a solvent, the other 
uses primarily toluene.
	Other than getting them to switch to another paint system, do you 
have any ideas for avoiding soaking the filters?  Two suggestions 
I've considered are waiting until Monday morning to remove their 
filters (rather than Friday afternoon) and hanging the filters from 
racks outside the paint booth so they can air-dry before disposal.

2)  gun efficiency
	One company is using electrostatic guns to paint the 
outside of cylinders.  The cylinders range from about 1-6 inches 
in diameter.  There is alot of overspray.  They said when they 
adjusted their guns to get a smaller fan they couldn't paint fast 
enough.  They do paint a variety of parts.  Sometimes they paint 
big pieces of equipment in addition to tubes.  My perception is 
they're not getting much wrap currently.  Any ideas on how to 
encourage them?  They have new, lightweight guns.  How hard is it to 
adjust the fan?  Perhaps they could use a small fan for the small 
tubes and adjust it bigger for the other equipment?  They also can 
have 3-4 color changes per day.

Thanks for your help,

Jean S. Waters
Air Toxics Engineer
KSU Pollution Prevention Institute

Sherry J. Davis
Industrial P2 Specialist
133 Ward Hall,KSU
Manhattan, KS  66506-2508
913-532-6501   Fax: 913-532-6952