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Painting Problems

The April 1997 issue of Metal Finishing has two very interesting
articles of interest.  The first one presents a very good discussion of
the supercritical CO2 spray system.  The data presented shows that the
system is capable of producing as fine a spray as a conventional air
spray gun.  There is also a nice graphic showing fineness of spray for
various guns.

The second article discusses the design of ergonomic HVLP guns.  End
users reported up to 50 percent material savings compared to
conventional air spray guns and 35 percent savings compared to
conventional HVLP guns.  If a conventional air spray gun uses 100
gallons, the conventional HVLP would use 77 gallons and an ergonomic
HVLP gun would use 50 gallons (again supporting the position that the
operators plays a much more important role in material use/loss than the
specific type of gun employed).  Reject rates were also reduced
substantially.  The big break-through in design is that this new gun
allows the operator to spray paint correctly without strain and fatigue.
 This is a very interesting technology that I'm sure many will adopt