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Re: TSD Capacity


Thanks for dredging up an old buried memory of my past life as the NH DES'
Capacity Assurance Manager.  I spent my first years at the Dept. helping the
state meet its CAP requirements.  It is interesting to note that the
Capacity Assurance Program IS the reason we have a P2 Program in NH.  As
part of the NH CAP, we "promised" EPA that despite the lack of any in-state
TSDF Capacity, we would develop a hazardous waste reduction program to help
the situation.  I am proud to say that I am the founding father of P2 in NH
as I started the one man hazardous waste reduction program shortly after
submitting the first CAP in October 1989.  Just a little history.

Give the National Governor's Association a call in DC.  They were heavily
involved int CAP and the issue of interstate shipments of hazardous waste.
Dominic Forcella, who now works at ConnTap, was right in the middle of this
subject.  He might be a good contact for you.  Sorry Dom, misery loves
company.  If I have to think about CAP again, someone else will have to as well.

Hope this helps.

Vince Perelli

At 12:05 PM 4/25/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anyone have information related to TSD capacity studies developed by EPA
>in the late 1980s to date.  The need for determining if adequate capacity
>existed was linked to the success of P2 efforts and siting of new facilities. 
>Any leads would be appreciated.
>Kevin Gashlin
>National Technology Transfer Center 


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