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Re: Molybdenum in Wastewater

Check to see if they are discharging the blowdown from a cooling tower to the 
sewer.  It is interesting that in the quest to find "safe substitutes" that most 
firms switched corrosion inhibitors from one containing hexavalent chromium to 
one containing molybdates.  The latter is a real big problem for municipal WWTP 
who seek to compost their sludge for land application since Moly is a real big 
problem for livestock when injested in the grass.  There are ways to redesign 
cooling towers and operate them differently that reduces the need for corrosion 
inhibition.  However we just seem to be enamoured with finding substitutes 
instead.  We really do need to use those cause and effect diagrams.  Happy 
hunting, Tom.

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