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RE: The real definition


The EPA Web site http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/p2home/ contains exactly
what you need.

In addition, I noticed you work at Pantex Paint.  Would it be possible
for you or some of your colleagues to access the Coating Alternatives
Guide (CAGE) Web site and give me feedback on what you like and don't
like about the site?  I would really appreciate the input from Pantex.

If you want to discuss CAGE further, let me know.


Dean R. Cornstubble, Research Chemical Engineer
"Research Triangle Institute - Research that meets needs"
3040 Cornwallis Road, P.O. Box 12194, RTP 27709
(919) 541-6813; Fax x-7155 (http://www.rti.org)
Visit the Coating Alternatives Guide at http://cage.rti.org.

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> Sent:	Tuesday, April 29, 1997 10:12 AM
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> Subject:	The real definition
> Perhaps this question has been posed before.  However, I have no
> recollection of discussions concerning it.  I don't believe I have
> found the
> terms "source reduction" (SR) and "pollution prevention" (P2) defined.
> We all know what SR is and even how to do it.  But many people call P2
> different things.  For some people, P2 is SR only.  For others P2
> includes
> waste minimization and treatment activities.  Does anyone have a
> citation
> of a definition of these two terms?
> Thanks and happy searching!
> Kenny Steward
> Pollution Prevention
> Pantex Plant