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The real definition -Reply


The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's definitions of pollution
prevention and source reduction are based on the Pollution Prevention
Act of 1990 and are spelled out in a 1992 memo from EPA Deputy
Administrator F. Henry Habicht.  

The text of this memo is available on-line via EPA's Pollution Prevention
Home Page.  The URL is http://www.epa.gov/opptintr/p2home ; see
"Memorandum on EPA Definition of Pollution Prevention" under the "What
is Pollution Prevention?" heading.  Or go directly to the text at
www.epa.gov/opptintr/p2home/epamemo.txt .

A hard copy of the memo and other documents from the U.S. EPA related
to pollution prevention are available from the EPA's Pollution Prevention
Information Clearinghouse.  Contact us by phone at 202-260-1023 or fax
at 202-260-4659 or e-mail at ppic@epamail.epa.gov .

Susan Westenbarger (GCI)
PPIC Librarian

>>> KENNY D STEWARD <KSTEWARD@pantex.com> 04/29/97 10:11am
Perhaps this question has been posed before.  However, I have no
recollection of discussions concerning it.  I don't believe I have found the
terms "source reduction" (SR) and "pollution prevention" (P2) defined. 
We all know what SR is and even how to do it.  But many people call P2
different things.  For some people, P2 is SR only.  For others P2 includes
waste minimization and treatment activities.  Does anyone have a citation
of a definition of these two terms?

Thanks and happy searching!

Kenny Steward
Pollution Prevention
Pantex Plant