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Re: The real definition

Mike Callahan wrote:
> Check out the May 1992 issue (Vol 42, No. 5) of the AWMA Journal.  
> Harry Freeman et al. discuss "Industrial Pollution Prevention: A 
> Critical Review".  There is a good discussion over definition and 
> how some people see the need for strict and rigorous definitions 
> while others think its a whole waste of time.
> My personal view is that too many forests have been lost fighting over
> words.  Just wait a few years, and a whole new set of buzz words will 
> be in use.  ...  <snip>  ...
Yes, but the sloppy use of these terms is unbelievable! And a huge waste
of time too! If the existing terms were not prostituted quite so much,
it might not be quite so necessary to invent new ones to replace them.

And this discussion has only touched on usage in the US. How do people
in other countries use these terms?

I would greatly appreciate a copy of the article referred to, if anyone
has an easy means to send it to me.

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