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RE: The real definition -Reply

P2 Tech-ers:

In case you do not have ready access to this journal, the EPA's Pollution
Prevention Information Clearinghouse can provide you with a copy.
Contact us by phone at 202-260-1023 or fax at 202-260-4659 or e-mail
at ppic@epamail.epa.gov .

Susan Westenbarger (GCI)
PPIC Librarian

>>> "Callahan, Mike" <Mike.Callahan@jacobs.com> 04/29/97 04:42pm >>>

Check out the May 1992 issue (Vol 42, No. 5) of the AWMA Journal. 
Freeman et al. discuss "Industrial Pollution Prevention: A Critical
Review".  There is a good discussion over definition and how some
see the need for strict and rigorous definitions while others think its
a whole waste of time.