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Pollution Prevention for Publicly Owned Treatment Works(POTWs)-Reply

P2 Techers:

EPA's Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse distributes two
documents related to P2 and POTWs.  The first is entitled "Pollution
Prevention at POTWs: Case Studies" and the second is "Incentives and
Disincentives for Adoption of Pollution PRevention Measures Under the
Water Program."  Both documents are available free of charge from the

Contact us by phone at 202-260-1023 or fax at 202-260-4659 or e-mail
at ppic@epamail.epa.gov .

Susan Westenbarger (GCI)
PPIC Librarian

>>> Pradeep Srivastava <srivasta@sparkle.water.ci.detroit.mi.us>
04/29/97 03:33pm >>>
If a POTW or a municipally owned wastewater treatment plant wishes to
pursue Pollution Prevention on a voluntary basis, what types of
are available ? I would appreciate if some one could shed some light on
this issue.

Pradeep Srivastava
Process Engineer
Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept.
City of Detroit
Detroit, MI