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re: Car Wash Wastewater


Regarding your question #2, "Has EPA issued a development document for
effluent guidelines....for 
this kind of wastewater"

I don't think you'll find a category being developed for car washes.  The
closest related category 
USEPA is currently developing is the "Transportation Equipment Cleaning"
category.  I believe this 
category primarily is being developed to address aircraft deicing, and the
cleaning of tank 
trucks, rail tank cars and tank barges.  There is preliminary information
available from USEPA
on this category.

The contact person at USEPA for this category is Gina Matthews at (202)

The contact person at USEPA for general information (including categories
being studied and under 
development) for USEPA's Effluent Guidelines Plan is Eric Strassler at (202)

You may also find information on car washes at the Water Environment
Federation hompepage at 
www.wef.org under the Technical Discussion Groups/Industrial Waste
Treatment.  You can also post a 
question at this site.

Good Luck

Jeff Lewis
Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216-1049
phone: (614) 644-2812
email: jeff_lewis@central.epa.ohio.gov