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P2 for Sewage Treatment Plants (POTWs)

***Pradeep Srivastava asked:   If a POTW or a municipally owned wastewater 
treatment plant wishes topursue Pollution Prevention on a voluntary basis, 
what types of resourcesare available ?***

You might want to start with an EPA publication "Guides to Pollution 
Prevention: Municipal Preteatment Programs" (October 1993).  Look for other 
EPA pubs on this subject, too.

One of my favorites is "Reducing Industrial Toxic Wastes and Discharges: 
 The Role of POTWs", and older document from the Local Govt. Commission, 
Sacramento, CA with funding from the CA Dept. of Health Services/Alternative 
Technology Section.

WEF is producing some good P2 materials.  There is one for dry cleaner 
discharges, that has a wealth of info applicable to source cntrol programs 
in general:
"controlling Dry Cleaner Discharges in Wastewater:  How to Develop and 
Administer a Source Control Program" (1995).

Most of all, contact your state or local P2 program.  They have resources 
and staff, and know that working together with POTWs ifs critical.  There is 
a lot of info available now on reducing wastes from individual industry 
sectors or processes, and much of it comes from state and local P2 programs.

Judy Kennedy
Washington State Department of Ecology
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