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Re: boiler water chemistry

Feedwater pretreatment can drastically reduce the amount of water
treatment chemicals that are needed.  It also can reduce boiler blowdown,
reduce scale-removing needs, and increase heat transfer efficiency
(because of less scale). Reverse osmosis is a pretreatment alternative
that has really come down in price and that has found uses in large scale
feedwater pretreatment applications -- like for refineries. 

Whether feedwater pretreatment will be economically feasible depends on a 
number of factors, like what contaminants are present in the feedwater and 
how many problems will be solved by pretreating.  It's not necessarily an 

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> Hydrazine is used by the power industry to remove dissolved oxygen in
> the boiler water to prevent corrosion.  Apparently during startpup
> hydrazine also helps to form a passivation layer that protects the
> system.  Does anyone know of any effective, less toxic alternatives to
> hydrazine?