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Re: The real definition -Reply

David Williams wrote:
>        ...    <snip>  ...   it would appear that there is a
> "classic" difference of opinion regarding definitions of pollution
> prevention, etc.  Having been responsible for managing a major
> corporation's P2 program for five years and trying desperately to gain
> support for the program, I am of the opinion that definitions are 
> probably the least important aspect of the P2 equation... <snip> ... 
Perhaps, but when you try and promote P2 in a country like mine (South
Africa) where there is no legislation or tradition at all promoting P2,
where everybody uses different terms, or uses the same terms meaning
completely different things, because they are all used differently in
the literature, and where as a consequence you can find people
apparently agreeing to do one thing but then going away and all doing
something different, then you start to think that there could be a point
in agreeing some elementary terminology.

But it seems that anyone who asks for clarification on terminology on
this list must brace themselves to be torched for asking a stupid
> A simple definition of P2,     ...  <snip>  ... 
> ... that P2 is "eliminating all wastes from all business practices" 
>      ... <snip> ...        may be more effective than an overly
> complex definition that attempts to address all issues, permutations, 
> etc. and is so incredibly complex or verbose that one needs to have 
> it written on a laminated card in order to remember and use it.
Yes please, a simple definition.
>                ...  <snip>  ... 
> There are countless opportunities for integrating P2, as well as 
> other EH&S issues, into business functions.  The key to success is 
> identifying and seizing those opportunities.
Agreed, and I think that simple, clear use of terms will make that a lot
easier to achieve.

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