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Polyurethane Foam Available -Reply

>>From p2tech-owner@cedar.cic.net Fri May  2 19:23:38 1997
>Date: Fri, 02 May 1997 11:28:53 -0400
>From: Daniel Klempner <KLEMPNDI@udmercy.edu>
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>        KSTEWARD@pantex.com
>Subject:  Polyurethane Foam Available -Reply
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>If the foam is flexible, then it is a valuable material-in demand for
>carpet underlay.  You should contact carpetmakers. If it is rigid,
>then that is a different story.
>Dan Klempner,
>Polymer Institute
>University of Detroit Mercy
>>>> KENNY D STEWARD <KSTEWARD@pantex.com>  5/1/97, 11:00am >>>
>Please excuse cross-postings.
>We are working with a customer that will be generating a lot of
>polyurethane foam.  The customer expects to generate between 15 and
>20 roll-off boxes full of foam.  The polyurethane foam is fairly
>dense and has been used as packaging material in shipping containers.
> The customer tells me that the foam is still "pliable and about the
>consistency of foam in a camera storage case."
>Is anyone aware of an organization in need of this material as a
>process feedstock?
>Thanks for your assistance!
>Kenny Steward
>Pollution Prevention
>Pantex Plant ksteward@pantex.com