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tax waste not work

Hi all,

 Another paper -- short, coherent, wonderful -- on this subject is
"Fostering Environmentally Sustainable Development:  Four Parting
Suggestions for the World Bank"  by Herman Daley in Ecological Economics
10(1994) 183-187.  His four suggestions: 1. -   Stop counting consumption of
natural capital as income.  2. Tax labor and income less and tax resource
throughput more. 3. On Natural capital - maximize productivity and increase
the supply. 4. (briefly) Trade locally.

Janet Clark 

At 01:20 PM 5/12/97 EDT, Sobin, Rodney wrote:
>Hi fellow P2Techers,
>Following the recent e-mail on the "Tax Waste, Not Work" monograph, I 
>thought I'd note for those interested in this topic that there is a 
>significant literature on the notion of taxing "bads" (pollution, traffic 
>congestion, resource consumption) rather than "goods" (labor, savings, 
>investment).   One example is "Green Fees: How a Tax Shift Can Work for 
>the Environment and the Economy" by Bob Repetto, et al. (1992) from the 
>World Resources Institute (www.wri.org).  Also, I saw in the newspaper 
>this weekend that the Worldwatch Institute just came out with something 
>on this topic.  
>Rodney Sobin

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