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Urethane Systems House

A colleague is settling an enforcement case with a small chemical company,
and would like to have the company explore P2 options as part of a
supplemental environmental project (SEP).  Unfortunately, we haven't been
able to shed much light on the options due to our (total) unfamiliarity
with the processes and practices at such a facility -- here's how he puts

     "The facility is a compounding and blending house for aromatic
urethanes.  This type of operation is also known as a "systems house," as
they produce urethane systems for other facilities' use.  The urethane
system consists of two sides, an A and a B side.  This facility purchases
the A side, consisting primarily of diisocyanates, ships it in on railcars,
tranfers it to holding tanks, and repackages it for sale in conjunction
with the B side.  The facility compounds the B side.  The components are
polyols, blowing agents (HCFC 141B), catalysts, plasticizers, fire
retardants, pigments, surfactants, and various extenders like ethylene

     "The facility claims that there are no regular emissions during this
blending and packaging process, but nontheless manages to go through about
20,000 lbs a year of dichloromethane to clean up the floor.

     "Any suggestions on potential projects a facility like this could do
to minimize its impact on the environment would be appreciated."

Does anyone have enough familiarity with such a facility to make

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