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Re: hand wipe cleaning

p2 people:

Another question about terpenes asked by one of our manufacturers:

Is anyone aware of any data showing that terpenes are photoreactive? 


Date:          02 May 1997 16:12:16 PST
From:          "Robert Ludwig__P (91" <HW1.RLUDWIG@hw1.cahwnet.gov>
Subject:       Re: hand wipe cleaning
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Dibasic esters are known to cause eye-problems in high concentrations and EPA
has recently required the manufacturer  to conduct neuro-toxicity testing.  It
is considered to be quite toxic.  It also leaves a residue like terpenes.
Another potential but unacceptable alternative is n-methyl pyrrolidone which is
a reproductive & developmental toxin and was recently added to SARA Title 3.In
California, it has been proposed for addition to Proposition 65 which lists
carcinogens and reproductives toxins.

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Robert Ludwig
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