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Re: hand wipe cleaning


The terpenes are highly photochemically reactive.  They are responsible
for the blue haze that forms over many pine forests.  They also tend to
polymerize upon contact with air which is why they can leave a residue.

In the Journal of Air & Waste Management, Vol. 44, July 1994, Dr.
William Carter presents maximum incremental reactivity (MIR) values for
more than 100 compounds.  The MIR value for beta-pinene (a common pine
terpene component) is 4.4.  The value for toluene, a reference compound
being considered by the South Coast AQMD, is 2.7.  Ethane, which is
considered to be nonreactive, has an MIR value of 0.25.

If you're looking for specific studies, scan for "blue haze" and I'm
sure you'll find something.  The USEPA also looked into the
environmental effects of semi-aqueous cleaners (typically terpenes) a
few years back.

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From: Kirsten Koepsel
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Subject: Re: hand wipe cleaning
Date: Friday, May 16, 1997 6:47AM

p2 people:

Another question about terpenes asked by one of our manufacturers:

Is anyone aware of any data showing that terpenes are photoreactive?


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Dibasic esters are known to cause eye-problems in high concentrations
has recently required the manufacturer  to conduct neuro-toxicity
is considered to be quite toxic.  It also leaves a residue like
Another potential but unacceptable alternative is n-methyl pyrrolidone
which is
a reproductive & developmental toxin and was recently added to SARA
California, it has been proposed for addition to Proposition 65 which
carcinogens and reproductives toxins.

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Robert Ludwig
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