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Re: Odour Control

Hi P2techies,

Hank Nowick is a Massachusetts TUR planner who organized a vendor display at
the 11/14/96 meeting of the TUR Planners Association (TURPA).  I asked about
the nifty biofilter on display for odor and voc control.  he sent the
following two messages:

>From: Hwnowick@aol.com
>Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 17:13:31 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Re: Odour Control
>I think the vendor you're looking for is Matrix Environmental Technologies.
>They exhibited a Matrix Biofilter that utilizes naturaaly occuring
>microorganisms to clean contaminated air and odor emissions. If you or anyone
>contacts them make sure you plug the TURPA Vendor Meeting we had on 11/14/97
>- we may want to do it again sometime and getting feedback to vendors who
>exhibited will keep them warm to our organization, hopefully.
>The contact for Matrix is as follows:
>			John M. Glover							Michael Bullock
>			Business Development Manager		Operations Manager
>			Matrix Environmental Technologies	Albany Region
>			5835 Ellis Road						25 Kraft Avenue #2
>			P.O. Box 427							Albany, New York 12205
>			Orchard Park, New York  14127-0427
>			(716) 662-0745  Phone				(800) 430-0103  Phone
>			(716) 662-0946  FAX					(518) 438-7656
>													(518) 438-7710  FAX
>If you need a copy of their bropchure faxed to you letr me know. Also let me
>know if this wasn't the vendor you had in mind. It sounds like a good fit to
>From: Hwnowick@aol.com
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 17:23:13 -0400 (EDT)
To: clarkjan@turi.org
Subject: Re: Odour Control


One other odor related project you might be interested in follows:

The Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility completed a
significant project on odor reduction. The ended up eliminating a  huge odor
source in the Zimpro Sludge Wet Air Oxidizers, installing a Regenerative
Thermal Oxider and installing fine bubble diffusers in their secondary tanks.
There has been a tremendouys improvement in odor reduction as a result of
these changes. I was on the Mayor's Odor Reduction Task Force and can provide
more information on this project if you'd like. 


Janet Clark
Technology Transfer Manager
MA Toxics Use Reduction Institute
University of Massachusetts
One University Ave.
Lowell, MA  01854-2866
Tel 508-934-3346
Fax 508-934-3050
email clarkjan@turi.org

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