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Golf Course IPM

I believe Cornell has a pretty strong IPM program and I'm sure that their
Extension staff can help.  I suggest you hit their web site and go from

>From: Judy Jakobsen <swsrs001@lilrc.org>
>To: p2tech listserve <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
>Subject: Workshops on IPM for Golf Courses
>Sender: owner-p2tech@great-lakes.net
>Reply-To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
>There are quite a few new golf courses proposed for Suffolk County and
>as a water purveyor from a sole source aquifer, we have been concerned
>with pesticide contamination to our wells and the groundwater in general
>from this land use.  I am trying to put together a couple of workshops
>on intergrated pesticide management for golf course to be offered
>hopefully this fall. 
>Does anyone have experience with putting on a workshop on Integrated
>Pest Management for Golf Courses. I am looking for suggestions on topics
>- sample agendas and speakers.
>Any help is greatly appreciated.
>Judy Jakobsen
>SCWA's P2 Program
>4060 Sunrise Highway
>Oakdale, NY 11769

Richard A. McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor/Extension Specialist
Pesticides and Water Quality
Soil Science Department, Box 7619
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC  27695
Email:  McLaughlin@ces.soil.ncsu.edu