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Impacts of environmental regs on tech tfr

I received a request to post the following message. Thanks

I'm defining tech transfer as the method
through which SME's receive technology.  Specifically, are SME's seeking
environmental technology innovations in reponse to environmental regs or
are they seeking it as a means to modernize.  

	Other questions I have center around this theme of reasons for
seeking technology

	1.  Did the SME's focus on process improvement, initially, out of
	response to environmental regs. or did this evolution happen
	"naturally" as a part of the manufacturing modernization process?

	2.  Was the initial concern for environmental compliance or for
	process improvement?

	3.  Are SME's concerned with sustainability, from an environmental
	perspective, economic perspective or both?

If you could post these questions to your environmental group, I would
really appreciate it.  Please have them contact me directly, if they wish.
My email address is sarah.coffin@arch.gatech.edu.


Sarah Coffin
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