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Re: Impacts of environmental regs on tech tfr

In message <01BC6ABE.01D50740@pen133.cmcusa.org>, Susan G Miller
<sgmiller@cmcusa.org> writes
>I'm defining tech transfer as the method
>through which SME's receive technology.  Specifically, are SME's seeking
>environmental technology innovations in reponse to environmental regs or
>are they seeking it as a means to modernize.  

I think you need to define the SME more closely.  The pressures on SMEs
at the smaller end are more distinct than those at the larger end of the
category, especially where technology and regulation is concerned.  Many
SMEs at the smaller end are more concerned about keeping their alive on
a day-to-day basis rather than worrying about environmental issues.
More particularly, many environmental regulations, at least here in the
UK, have a threshold level that many SMEs wouldn't reach and so the
inclusion of energy efficient or emission abatement equipment doesn't
become a necessity.

>       Other questions I have center around this theme of reasons for
>seeking technology
>       1.  Did the SME's focus on process improvement, initially, out of
>       response to environmental regs. or did this evolution happen
>       "naturally" as a part of the manufacturing modernization process?
I think if it happens at all it is more likely to be a combination of
both.  In times of financial pressure, an SME is probably only going to
do what it is *required* to do, rather than what it is techincally
*possible* to with an unlimited budget.

>       2.  Was the initial concern for environmental compliance or for
>       process improvement?
Probably compliance for the reasons identified above.

>       3.  Are SME's concerned with sustainability, from an environmental
>       perspective, economic perspective or both?
Sustainability to an SME is probably looking at it's ability to act in a
manner whereby it will still be in business tomorrow because of the
actions it takes today!  


Duncan Philips
e-mail to: Duncan@genesis2.demon.co.uk