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Uses for Nylon Yarn Scraps -Reply

Yes it is possible to respin the nylon scrap, as long as it is clean.
 It could also be used for most any other nylon application, such as
injection molding, etc., or it can be chemically recycled back to its
Daniel Klempner, Director
Center of Excellence in Polymer Research and Environmental Studies,
University of Detroit Mercy

>>> Wendy McPherson <Wendy_McPherson@mail.dnr.state.ga.us>  5/27/97,
02:06pm >>>
I am working with a rug manufacturer that produces a significant
amount of nylon yarn waste (small pieces fall off from around the
edges of the rugs after tufting and cutting). 

I was wondering, is it possible to "re-spin" scraps of nylon yarn? 
What are some other options for reusing this material?