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RE: Pallets

From:          "Tate, Leslie R." <lrtate@tva.gov>
To:            "'p2tech@great-lakes.net'" <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
Subject:       RE: Pallets
Date:          Wed, 28 May 1997 10:01:39 -0400
Les Writes:
> I heard a few years ago that the Jack Daniels distillery (TN) was using
> them as fuel, but eventually got into the rebuilding/recycling/reselling
> because of the amount they collected and had turned it into a profitable
> business. There's also a pallet rebuilder/recycler locally (NW Alabama)
> who apparently has found a market for them.

In Vermont we have a facility that bought a *pallet chipper* and sells 
the wood chips to local greenhouse/landscapers.  The machine actually 
separates the nails out with these funky magnets.  It is impressive 
to watch and appears to be quite profitable.  
Need more info - mail me direct.     


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