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Future Lookout for P2

The US EPA has a "Futures Staff" in the Office of Strategic Planning and 
Environmental Data.  With the assistance of the Science Advisory Board they have 
used scenario planning and other forsight tools (i.e., vision creation, trend 
analysis and monitoring, and issue analsysis scanning) to look at what the 
Agency will be called upon to do in the future.  They are concerned that they 
will not retain or develop the proper core competencies that are necessary to 
deal with these future events.

I am wondering whether of the P2 technical assistance programs have used futures 
tools to look at what form P2 may take in the future.  Will it become a 
quality-driven program?  Will the environmental role be deminished as firms 
continue to focus on compliance?  This is of interest to me in light of the 
Hirschhorn article.  Has the revolution failed or is it still being fought on 
another field (or in another dimension)?  If P2 enhances competitiveness, what 
other tools will be used to enhance competitiveness in the future and how do we 
attach environment to them?  I would be curious to hear your thoughts on this 

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