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rinse contamination

Hello Everyone

We are currently working with a company that has a 5 stage cleaning 
line prior to a painting operation.  The 5 stages are Alkaline clean 
- rinse (1500 gal tank)  - phoshoric acid - rinse (450 gallon tank)
 - non chrome seal).  The rinse water flow rates are currently set at 
18 gpm.  We are suggesting a counter current system to lower flow 
rates along with routine or continuous testing/ monitoring.

My question is, does anyone know the typical contamination level of an 
alklaine cleaner rinse and an acid rinse.  The numbers we are using 
as a guide are:

TDS test:  Alkaline cleaner rinse 750 mg/L
                 Acid rinse 150 mg/L
Conductivity test:  Alkaline cleaner rinse 1000-2000 microsiemens/ cm
                               Acid rinse 500 microsiemens/ cm

Do these numbers sound feasible?

We would appreciate all comments.

Thanks in advance

Greg Newman
NC Division of Pollution Prevention 
and Environmental Assistance
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Raleigh, NC  27626-9569
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