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upstream magnesium production burdens

Hi there--
I'm looking for (more) data on the variuous steps of MAGNESIUM production
(i.e., flocculating, precipitation, dolomite mining, casting), such as:
-energy consumption
-ancillary materials consumption
-air and water emissions
-solid wastes
-land usage
-recycled content.

I'm interested in both U.S. and European data.

Could anyone who knows where I might find such data please reply to this
message (reppe@umich.edu), any constructive comments are very welcome.

Thanks for your time,

Peter Reppe                                  e-mail: reppe@umich.edu
National Pollution Prevention Center         phone : 313-936-8386
University of Michigan                       fax   : 313-647-5841
430 E. University      
Ann Arbor, MI                        http://www.umich.edu/~nppcpub  
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