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Alternate use for "proppants" (ceramic beads)

Here is an item of interest:
I have a client that manufactures proppants.  Proppants are small
sperical ceramic beads (usually 20-40 screen size)that are used in oil
drilling applications.  The proppants will withstand a load of 12,000
psi without any deformation.  The process is high volume and a large
amount of "off spec" product (going to the landfill) is produced with
each production run. 

I have been asked to see if anyone would have an alternative use for
the waste.  The material weighs about 100-125 #/cu. ft. and the
process creates 300 ton per month. The alternative use must require
large amounts to be feasible. (No home garage sand blasting use.)

I appreciate the help.

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