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commercial dishwashers -Reply

I bet this has been done throughly by someone somewhere
but I don't know who. Two of us attempted this analysis
about seven years ago but I do not have my notes.  We used
the specs from an existing machine installation to measure
energy, water and material use. I believe it was a Hobart
machine. Hobart should be able to give you specifications or
may have this comparison already done. Vulcan is another
manufacturer I remember. The Thomas Registry on the net
will give you contact info for the companies.

We were doing the analsys for a school system. The
disappointing problem we faced was that even though we
could show some savings from washables and a machine,
the school board would not spend money for "capital"
expenditures (a dish machine) but would willingly spend
more money in the long run on "expenses" for disposables.
(You tax dollars at work!) This was quite frustrating to us and
we eventually gave up.

As I recall, the schools we were looking at had the
necessary dishes, cups and flatware in storage from years
gone by. If you have to buy them on the front end, be sure to
include the purchase cost of dishes etc. and a breakage/loss
replacement rate in your analysis. Better yet, keep looking
for someone who has already done this analysis.