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Alternate use for "proppants" (ceramic beads) -Reply


Just out of curiosity, why doesn't your client look at the source of the
problem and eliminate that waste through process change, redesign or
alternative materials???  It seems like over time he/she would be dollars
ahead doing that vs finding ways to utilize/dispose the waste.


>>> RUDY MOEHRBACH <Rudy_Moehrbach@owr.ehnr.state.nc.us>
05/29/97 08:46am >>>
Here is an item of interest:
I have a client that manufactures proppants.  Proppants are small
sperical ceramic beads (usually 20-40 screen size)that are used in oil
drilling applications.  The proppants will withstand a load of 12,000 psi
without any deformation.  The process is high volume and a large amount
of "off spec" product (going to the landfill) is produced with each
production run. 

I have been asked to see if anyone would have an alternative use for the
waste.  The material weighs about 100-125 #/cu. ft. and the process
creates 300 ton per month. The alternative use must require large
amounts to be feasible. (No home garage sand blasting use.)

I appreciate the help.

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