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RE: Alternatives to chromate conversion coatings

Many of us have been looking for a good alternative to chromate conversion coatings.  A good deal of work is going on to develop a robust alternative, but there are many existing alternatives that work well depending on your application and corrosion resistance requirements.  You can find our Technology Survey for Alternatives to Chrome Conversion Coatings for Aluminum Alloys 2024, 6061, 7075 and Ion Vapor Deposited Aluminum on Steel (Hughes Missile Systems Company)-Dated March 28, 1996 on the net.  The URL is http://www.jgapp.com/techsurv.htm  In the survey we identified twenty possible alternatives.  Some information about performance, environmental, and safety and health characteristics of each alternative is included in the report.  
The report was generated as part of the National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence's (NDCEE) efforts to help DOD do pollution prevention.  Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), an independent nonprofit organization, operates the NDCEE.  Feel free to contact me if you would like additional information.

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What if any are the non-hazardous waste alternatives to chromate conversion
as surface preparation for painting aluminum castings? Where can I get
information on these alternatives?
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