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RE: Aerosol Propellant:Product

Actually, it will vary quite a lot based on product, type of propellant,
and the design of the can.  There are several good aerosol product
handbooks that will give you specific composition data for various
products.  Kirk Othmer has a section on aerosol products too.

Another problem is definition.  An aerosol spray paint may contain 40 %
paint pigment and resin, 30 % methylene chloride, and 30 % hydrocarbon
propellant.  The methylene chloride serves both as a solvent and a
propellant.  The same is true of the hydrocarbon.  Therefore, the
percentage of propellant could be as high as 50 %.  In room foggers, the
percentage of propellant can be 85 % or more.

Then there are products using compressed gas where the weight percent of
propellant could be quite low.  Food products which utilize a barrier
seal are one example.  The gas pushes a piston which moves the food
through the tube.  Since the gas is not vented during use, you don't
need as much in the can.

I suggest you pick a well defined product and then you can lock down a
much better defined compositional make-up.

Hope this helps,
From: Brian Noble
To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject: Aerosol Propellant:Product
Date: Thursday, May 29, 1997 12:03PM

Does anyone have a good number on the percentage of propellant to
product used in an aerosol container?  I realize there it will vary some
due to product.