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Cleaner Production Information Sources

>Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 16:27:05 +0200
>From: Peter Pembleton <ppembleton@unido.org>
>Reply-To: ppembleton@unido.org
>Organization: INTIB, UNIDO Vienna, Austria
>Subject: Cleaner Production Information Sources
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>Dear colleague
>Following the discussions held this week on EST in Paris, I thought that
>you might be interested in the following announcement of WWW pages we
>have just loaded on Cleaner Production.
>Once the listserve has been established I will re-post this to all
>members of the group.
>In 1997, Learning Unit 8 of the UNIDO ESID Training Kit, entitled 
>'Sources of Information on Cleaner Production' was updated. During 
>this process the whole Unit was converted to HTML format and is now 
>available via Internet as an interactive Learning Unit.
>The set of pages, which are accessible from the following address:
>include hundreds of references to off- and on-line information 
>resources on CP and related subjects--the on-line resources are 
>'hyperlinked' so the user just needs to 'click' to go there. The
>'hot links', apart from providing access to UNIDO and UNEP/IE WWW pages, 
>connect to a wide range of Internet sites, sorted by geographical 
>location and by subject. These links will help NCPCs to look up the 
>experiences of other CP programmes and a wealth of techno-economic 
>details from hundreds of on-line case study reports. In addition,
>there are numerous links to meta-data/reference pages.
>'Readers' more interested in CP than in the Learning Unit may 
>wish to go straight to the CP Topic pages at the following
>temporary URL
>Peter Pembleton, 
>Information and Networking for Technology, Investment & Business (INTIB)
>UNIDO, P.O. Box 300, A-1400 Vienna, Austria
>Tel: 21131/3705; Fax: 21131/6843; e-mail: ppembleton@unido.org