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Re: commercial dishwashers


Have you contacted the Green Seal Organization or the Tellus Institute?  I
am not at my desk right now, so I do not have contact information.  I was
just scanning my favorite magazine, E Magazine, and came across an article
about whether it is more environmentally friendly to hand-wash dishes or use
a dishwasher?  How timely.  Call me to discuss and or e-mail your fax number
and I will get the short article to you.  There was a contact listed:
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 1001 Connecticut Ave,
N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036 -- 202 429-8873

There was also a Maytag ad at the end of the magazine touting energy and
water efficient appliances.  Not sure if they do the commercial sector.

Good luck,

Vince Perelli

At 05:02 PM 5/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm looking for data on energy consumption, water usage, and soap
>usage for conventional technology commercial dishwashers as part of a
>project on life-cycle assessment education that involves a comparison
>of plastic, paper, and reusable hot drink containers.  I also need
>capacity info for the dishwasher (eg. how many items could it wash at
>once).  All the hot leads I've had on this type of information have
>dissolved.  Thanks much for any help.
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