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Re: Disinfection


As you indicated there are a number of more environmentally friendly
wastewater disinfection techniques.  Each situation rrequires a technical and
cost-effectiveness analysis to determine the optimal system for the

UV has generally been the most cost-effective technique.  Technical concerns
are Fe concentrations that may interfer with UV disinfection.  SS
concentrations affect the design (and naturally cost) of the system - however
secondary effluent is not a difficult stream for UV to be effective.  A
concern with UV is that there is no residual disinfectant - however it is not
necessary.  UV has been effectively used for wastewater disinfection - I
engineered a system 15 years ago that is still performing according to spec -
in many apllications.

Ozone is effective, the issue is usually high capital and O&M (uses a lot of
electricity) costs - it has been used more more drinking water disinfection.

UV/Ozone has advantages - again cost is a major issue.

H2O2 has not been used very much for ww disinfection because of costs.   

Hope this helps.  If you would like to discuss further, please call me at

Pio Lombardo, P.E.