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Garbage Diposals & Dishwashers -Reply

I would concur that composting or feeding animals would
likely be at the top of a food waste hierarchy. Would
landfilling be preferable to garbage disposals? If the sludge is
landfilled,  is there ultimately any difference between the

However, I have often thought about the vast system of
sewage piping already in place all across the country
connecting most homes to a waste processing facility
(POTW).  The infrastructure is already in place. The
possibilities are interesting.

I suspect the problem would be this: POTWs are probably
not set up to handle the volume of solids that would occur if
we all decided to maximize what we put in the disposal. So if
we wanted to utilize this infrastructure, we would have to
spend massive amounts of money to increase the capacity
of POTWs. Then we still have the question of what to do with
the sludge after the processing.