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Snow/ice contaminated with gas/diesel

Greatings all from Montana.

I was hoping you all could respond to a question I received this morning
from a fellow state employee, Carolyn DeMartino of the Montana Department of
Environmental Quality (Helena, MT).

We have a problem out here in the winter with fuel truck accidents causing
the contamination of snow and ice with gasoline and diesel.  As a result,
the spill cleanup teams are therefore stuck with potentially a large
quantity of contaminated snow/ice.  My question to you all is this, what
options are there for the proper and most economical way of managing this

You could respond to me directly or contact Carolyn at (406) 444-5343
(cdemartino@mt.gov). Thanks in advance for your help!

Lara Dando
Montana Pollution Prevention Program
MSU Extension Service 
Taylor Hall
Bozeman, MT  59717-3580
(406) 994-3451
e-mail:  uedld@trex.oscs.montana.edu