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Re: Uses for Nylon Yarn Scraps

The following is from the Sustainable Business Network, which is at


"Recycled Carpeting

A development by Collins & Aikman Floorcoverings may help
reduce the accumulation of waste carpet in the nation's landfills. 

The company has developed a new technology that allows 100% of
reclaimed carpet to be returned to the manufacturing process. The
process breaks down vinyl-backed carpet from the company's customer
installation sites and converts it to backing for its modular tile
products. The backing is made of 75% reclaimed materials. 

Since 1992, Collins & Aikman has recycled waste carpet to make
products such as industrial flooring blocks. The new technology
produces carpet from carpet by completely recycling used floorcovering. 

FROM Building Operating Management" [http://www.facilitiesnet.com.] 


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