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Re: commercial dishwashers

> I'm looking for data on energy consumption, water usage, and soap
> usage for conventional technology commercial dishwashers as part of a
> project on life-cycle assessment education that involves a comparison
> of plastic, paper, and reusable hot drink containers.  I also need
> capacity info for the dishwasher (eg. how many items could it wash at
> once).  All the hot leads I've had on this type of information have
> dissolved.  Thanks much for any help.


I'm not sure that this will really help for this project but may be of
some interest to you anyway...I work in collaboration with a research
organisation called the Centre for Design at RMIT (Royal melbourne
Institute of Technology) and they worked with a dishwasher manufactutrer
to 'redesign' a dishwasher to be more environmentally sustainable.  Here
is the website address for information regarding this particular product

There is however a life cycle analysis which has already been done on
the comparison between a paper, polystyrene and ceramic cup which you
may want to get hold of.  The publication to find it in is 'The LCA
Source book" written by SustainAbility, SPOLD and Business in the
Environment. The consultancy who did the LCA is called TAUW Infra
Consult BV and their www site is 
I had difficulty opening this  just at prsent but maybe something wrong
with server or something as I got through the other day.
Their postal address is
Handelskade 11, 7417 DE, Postbus 479, 7400 AL
Deventer, Netherlands
tel - +31 (5700) 99911 fax +31 (5700) 99888.

Another great site all about LCA's which also gives you lists and lists
of LCA's done all over the world is 
this also has a link to TAUW.

Hope this is useful!!

Kirsty Mate
Research Officer
Environmental Design
University of Technology, Sydney
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